Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My 1 Week Vacation Day 1 and 2

May 4, 2011 -- DAY 1

Our departure time was 4:00 am! I decided not to sleep anymore since we had to be in the airport at 2:00 am. I just slept all through the ride. A few minutes before we landed, the sun rose and it was a beautiful way to start our vacation.

That's me under the purple scarf-- sleeping.

Good morning Luzon!

We landed in NAIA terminal 3 which was awesome!! I love the new terminal. It's bigger and cleaner. Thing is, it doesn't have lots of seats/ benches.

We went straight to Everest Hills Memorial Park to visit my grandparents. Then to McDonalds for breakfast! I ate so much and sooooo fast. Poof! My food was gone. Haha Then headed off to Bayanan. I love the view from our room. Since it was near the Laguna Lake, fresh air just kept on blowing in. My sisters and I slept from 8 am to 4 pm.

Thennn off to my Aunt's --who was getting married (the reason why we went to Manila) and who lives in Canada -- condominium to meet up with them. I finally met Noah! He's my cousin's son. Cute!! Then we, the young ones went to MOA.

Meet Noah Zakai. Cutest baby alive!!

Steph, Steven and Noah

I finally met Steph too! She's so pretty and so nice. You wouldn't believe she gave birth to Noah. She too sexy. :D

May 5, 2011 -- DAY 2

I woke up missing Mike. Good thing I brought Moopy with me!!

Day 2 was Give-Away-Packing Day. Pack, pack, pack!

Beach stuff in the bayongs.

I was assigned to write the labels for the bayongs.

Rest time with Noah :)

My sister's favorite posey cat.


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