Thursday, July 8, 2010


Ok, this O.J.T. thing is really tiring me out. At first it was fun but then work started to pile up and now we have to encode student profiles, file TNA's for the leadership program, arrange profiles alphabetically and by course and tomorrow, we have to help plan for their formal ball thing.

Wait, a little bit of background as to where I am interning.
It's an all boys school (from grade school to high school) wherein they are gaga for football. It's a Catholic school. Its school heads are really nice and hands-on. Oh yeah, its college department is co-ed but their girls are like 1% of the entire college population. And yeah, the total population for college? 240. More or less. So everyone knows every one.

Anyway, yeah... Everyone's busy now. I really hope everything will go well.

P.S. I am now thinking that maybe ending up in a school setting wouldn't be so bad. Hmm...

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