Sunday, April 10, 2011

Facade '11: Psychology Graduation Ball

So I went through my facebook photos and I realized that I have not talked about my Graduation Ball and my Graduation Rites.

Yes, I am now officially a BS Psychology graduate and I am officially unemployed.

Anyway, our Graduation Ball was at Marriott Hotel which happened on March 19, 2011. Apparently, I was the white swan while Alen was the black swan. I was cool seeing my batchmates in human form. Haha

Cocktail dress designed by me :)

Kyem (my pseudo gradballl date) and I

L-R: Jed, Angel, Arj, I

Top L-R: Jex, Arj, Angel, I
Bottom L-R: Jed, Anna, Alen

White swan, Black swan

The after party was way more fun than the actual party.

After party members: Loi, Alen, Mike and I.
After party location: Imagine
After party title: Three girls, one bottle, one boy.

Alen, Loi and I

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