Monday, April 11, 2011

Monthly Dinner with The WWP

After the longest time, the girls and I (with the guys) finally had our once-a-month-get-together (April 8, 2011). We ate dinner at Joed's Lutong Hapon at San Jose de la MontaƱa, Mabolo then headed to Starting Point at Panagdait, Mabolo from drinks and some chilling.

It was great to see the girls and the guys after a very long time. School has been hectic and we all just decided to wait until the calm after the storm (storm meaning all the graduation concerns such as requirements, appointments, etc.). A 90210 casting happened and I ended up being Annie. Not too thrilled about that.
Conversations usually revolved around after-grad-plans, how the food was, new gossip and crazy antics. ^_^

P.S. I missed Camay and Jysha. See you guys some other time. :)

Next stop of WWP: Simply J's.

L-R: Noyl, Me, Ria, Rannico, J2

L-R: Jan, Noyl, Mui, Ria

Mike (Mr. Pringles) and I

L-R: Tessa, Daggy, Moi

L-R: J2, Audrei, Mark, Tessa

L-R: J2, Shelly, Edd

Gobble, gobble.

Moi and Rhy

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