Wednesday, June 30, 2010


So, it's 1:52 in the afternoon and up til now, I've been staying inside my room. Nothing really special happened to me today even if it's a holiday. Well, Noynoy Aquino must be having so much fun now that he's just been inaugurated as the new president of the Philippines. Oh, yeah! something special happened to me today... SNICKERS!! Hahaha

I rescued a black, full-length Christian Ferre dress. My sister found it somewhere and was planning on selling it online. But, I got and and now I'm sewing to to make it shorter. I'll post photos of it when I'm done. Can't wait.

I'm reading Quidditch Through The Ages. Check out the first photo. It's the green book. It's so cool. And I AM

Mike said I've been really mean to my parents lately. Yeah, I guess he's right.

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