Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Was Left Of My Afternoon

I spent my Sunday afternoon or what was left of it in St. Patrick's Square. I stayed inside a kind-of-cozy bakeshop alone. Emphasis on the "alone" part since this state is still novel to me. I hate being alone. Anyway, despite the fact that I was being a loner, I can say that the experience was surprisingly relaxing and fun. I was able to sit alone, listen to music and do my favorite activity-- observing people. It was boring at first but it eventually turned enjoyable. The lady at my right was also alone. It seemed to me like she was waiting for someone. It also seemed to me that she was also observing people since she kept on turning her head and staring at people but her face was all pissed so I guess she wasn't enjoying the "activity" as much as I have been. Then two women walked in. One was about fifty something and the other was seventy something. Mother and daughter? The "daughter" ordered 2 slices of cake bars (this made me really jealous since I just ordered 2 packs of cookies and coffee-- I panicked!). Ube for the "mother" and chocolate for the "daughter". A few minutes later, people started coming in and guess what? The "daughter" had a daughter. On the moment that I realized that, Katy Perry's Thinking of You was playing. Then I started to miss Mike.

You're like and Indian summer in the middle of winter
Like a hard candy with a surprise center

Won't you walk through?
And bust in the door and take me away
No more mistakes
Cause in your eyes I'd like to stay.


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