Sunday, June 27, 2010

Movie Night

Last night (more like this morning since it was already 1-something a.m), Noyl, Mike and I watched Amelia and Legion. And guess what? LEGION is the shit. It was so cool! I can't get over it til now. I really want to watch it again. Man, I have to go to Noyl's place and borrow her dvd. I can't wait to show it to my parents since they're all religious and stuff. I especially want to see my mom's reaction to the movie plot. I can't believe I didn't watch this in the movies. So, okay. For those who have no idea about what the movie is all about... It's about God getting tired of all the "bullshit" people has been putting up. There's this baby who's supposed to save mankind but because God couldn't take all the crap anymore, he decides to send Angel/ St. Michael to stop the baby from being born. But then Michael believes so much in mankind that he stayed on our side and defends us. So now, the order was given Angel Gabriel and so action happens. WATCH IT. The effects are so cool. I especially love their wings. And the greatest thing about it is that it wasn't dragging at all. I recommend this to everyone. Except for the kids, maybe too scary for them. I'd give it a score of 5/5.

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