Sunday, June 20, 2010

I Want The World

I named my blog "I Want The World" simply because I really do want the world. I want the world and all it has to offer. I want anything-- EVERYTHING. Yeah, I know that's impossible. I still have a bit of my reality check checker intact but it would be really great if I really did own the world. Wanting the world equals to wanting to reach every dream, no matter how stupid or crazy or impossible it may be. It equals to being content to what I have. It equals to living every moment-- the here and now. It equals to being genuinely happy with no strings attached or any catch at all. Just. Happy. There are moments when I do feel that way-- just happy, but it lasts just for a time and the thing is, I don't get to realize it until it's over. I want to cherish every moment. I want to pause and breathe every chance I have. I want to experience the world and all that it brings. Not thinking about the what-ifs and the buts. I want life.

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